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Experts in manufacturing various mechanical transmissions and hydraulic transmissions, such as:Parallel shaft helical gear reducer, planetary gear box, worm reducer, in-line helical gear reducer, agricultural reducer, helical bevel gear reducer, helical worm gear reducer, agricultural gear box, tractor gear box, automobile gear box, power output Shafts, special reducers and related gear components and other related products, sprockets, hydraulic systems, vacuum pumps, fluid couplings, racks, chains, timing belt wheels, UDL speed changers, V belt wheels, hydraulic cylinders, gear pumps, Screw air compressor, shaft sleeve, low backlash worm gear reducer, etc.


Tillage Equipment Parts Tractor Pto Drive Shaft

  • Part Name: PTO Drive Shaft
    Type: Tillage Equipment Parts
    Item No.: 45B-ED
    Industry Focus: Agricultural
    Application: Engineering Machinery Engine
    Performance: High Precision
    Application: PTO Drive Shaft for harrow. also replacement parts applicable to John Deere tillage equipment.
    Feature: Flawless finish
    High durability
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OEM Cardan Pto Drive Shaft with CNC Machining

  • Our cardan shafts can be used to resist vibration and impact in the harsh environment of steel rolling, and the service life of cardan shafts is longer. We can also customize the special connection modes of cardan shafts in accordance of customers’ requirements .High precision, flexible joints, easy installation, perfect after-sales service and so on are highlight features of our products.  

    1.Product specification
    1, advance technology
    2, high accuracy and closely structure
    3, high quality, the best price and good services
    4, Strictly quality control by ISO9001: 2008. 
    5, with R&D Dept, OEM is available

    2. About our advantages
    1). With 10 years experience and professional OEM / ODM
    2). Advance technology and R&D Dept with rich experience
    3). Delivery in time
    4).Competitive and reasonable price
    5). High reputation

Good Quality Pto Drive Shaft for Agricultural Machinery

  • 1. Tubes or Pipes
    We’ve already got Triangular profile tube and Lemon profile tube for all the series we provide.
    And we have some star tube, splined tube and other profile tubes required by our customers (for a certain series). (Please notice that our catalog doesnt contain all the items we produce)
    If you want tubes other than triangular or lemon, please provide drawings or pictures.

    2. Safety devices or clutches
    I will attach the details of safety devices for your reference. We’ve already have Free wheel (RA), Ratchet torque limiter(SA), Shear bolt torque limiter(SB), 3types of friction torque limiter (FF,FFS,FCS) and overrunning couplers(adapters) (FAS).

    1. We have been specialized in designing, manufacturing drive shaft, steering coupler shaft, universal joints, which have exported to the USA, Europe, Australia etc for years 
    2. Application to all kinds of general mechanical situation 
    3. Our products are of high intensity and rigidity. 
    4. Heat resistant & Acid resistant 
    5. OEM orders are welcomed

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The power output shaft of the tractor is easy to break, and the factors of agricultural machinery operation cannot be ignored

4. Problems with the power output shaft itself: In addition to the material problem of the tractor's power output shaft itself, there is also the problem of the selection of the power output shaft. The diameters of the commonly used power output shafts of tractors are 35mm and 48mm, which are distinguished by horsepower. In recent years, with the increase of large-horsepower and small-chassis tractors, large-diameter power output shafts should be used, but small-diameter power output shafts are still in use, which has also caused many broken shaft problems in farmland operations.

1. Some agricultural operators use tractors and rotary tillers to work on farmland. When plowing in the field, the rotary cultivator often does not lift the rotary cultivator according to the operation requirements of the agricultural machinery, causing the rotary cultivator and the universal joint to receive lateral force. Do not cut the power output shaft.

2. There are also some new farmers who have insufficient experience in operating agricultural machinery when the tractor is started, and the clutch is engaged too fast, which causes the torque on the power output shaft to double and the power output shaft to rest.

3. The problem of supporting equipment: When the tractor is matched with the agricultural machinery, there must be a certain angle between the tractor’s power output shaft and the agricultural machinery power input shaft, which is generally 15 degrees. The main reason for the excessively large equipment matching angle is that the tractor tires are too large, the height of the rotary tiller is not matched, and the height of farm tools is not matched. Even if the matching of the agricultural machinery is reasonable, when the tractor turns, the operator of the agricultural machinery does not lift the rotary tiller, which will cause the angle to be too large and cause the power output shaft to break.